Company Profile

Pisces Group is a manufacturing company for production and supply of high quality kitchen home appliances. We are committed in developing superior mixer grinders and other home appliances for our clients. We as a company are focused on offering efficient, quality and reliable appliances.

Today we are manufacturing kitchen home appliances for brands like Yoke ,Super , Remson , Zoom & Pisces to name a few and providing Mixer Grinders to exporters in their brand names which are then exported to various countries in Asian and African sub-continent.


Established way in 1975, we used to produce home appliances for Bajaj , Remson and after the new generation stepped in we launched our own brand Pisces which offers various products in the kitchen home appliances category like mixer grinders , irons , juicers , kettles , vacuum flasks , gas stoves , sandwich makers , toasters and ceiling fans.


• To meet the needs of the world with the most user friendly and advanced quality Home Appliances.


• To enhance customer satisfaction by offering quality products and reducing after sales service by caring out research after understanding the needs of our clients.


• To Develop a long-term relationship with our clients and help them in expand their work.